Viral Led Christmas Lights Charging Cable

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Christmas car rides will never be the same

'Tis the season for LED string lights. Who says Christmas lights are limited to Christmas trees and outdoor decor? The best way to get in the holiday spirit is to go all out with holiday decor, and this Christmas light phone charger will get you in the jolliest mood.

You might as well get a new lightning cable that's perfect for the holiday season.

 You plug your Christmas Light Charger into your car's charging port, and then it happens. Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You" starts blasting through your car speakers.


If that wouldn't get you feeling the holiday cheer I don't know what would! It's the perfect gadget to use on Christmas Day.

It's practical

This cord is first and foremost a charging cable. It comes in four versions: one with the iPhone lightning end, one with a Micro end, one with a Type-C end and one with both Micro and Type-C ends.

It'll light up when plugged into any compatible power outlet, regardless of whether it's currently charging a phone—which means it can stand in for a string of lights on your desktop in a pinch. Select the variety that works with your specific device and you'll be set to get a festive charge all season long.