Shower Phone Holder

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Take your showers to the next level 


Do you like to facetime your friends and significant others all day? Take Facetimes to the next level with the Shower Case

Facetime your friends/significant other in the shower!

Watch your favourite movies/videos

Change your songs

Play Games

Do anything you want, all in the shower!

Doesn't matter if it's a splash or spill, the Water-Proof Case has you covered with trusted seal protection. Fits most Iphone and Android models. (do not fully submerge in water) 

The sound is still crisp, and you touch screen is still intact! Use your phone in the shower without wetting and damaging your precious phone!


• Color: white/blue 

• Suitable for mobile phones less than 6.8 inches 

• Installation method: non-marking adhesive on wall 

• Size: 2.8x19x10.5 cm