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Gangsta Duck is taking the internet by storm

Our Gangsta Duck Pre-Orders Were Instant Hit, It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before We Released Our More designs for Gangsta Duck . These ducks with swag are the perfect compliment to your car dashboard, home or office.


We all like cute things! The Gangsta Duck is an up-to-date version of our so dear childhood toy - but in cooler garments and ready to take on the world (rather than your bathtub!)

Our best seller Gangsta Duck will be the best co-pilot you could possibly ask for: it won't question your moves, it won't give out about your speed, it will not argue about your navigation!


  • Multiple Designs- Here we are, bringing you multiple designs for you to decorate your car with. Put a Car Duck w/ Clout in it and make your car a head-turner for everyone 
  • Squeak and Funny - Apart from being a sweet decoration for your means of transportation, the Gangsta Duck can also serve as a relaxing pressure relief toy - but bear in mind the duck squeaks, ok? 🦆🔉😂
  • Multiple Uses: The rubber duck can be used as a car ornament as well as a soothing and pressure-relieving toy. It's ideal for adorning the dashboard of a vehicle, a desk, a living room, and so on.

How do you install it?
It can be installed almost anywhere with these simple steps:

  • Peel the double-sided adhesive & 
  • Place it on top of the surface you want . Done

Have fun on your next drive. Guaranteed to receive compliments!

Act fast and add some swag to your car dashboard ! Oh, and it's a cool gift for your friends too!


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