Faith Ring

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This is our 925 Sterling Silver Faith ring. It is adjustable so it fits any finger which makes it a great gift. It will not tarnish, we worked very hard to make sure every ring is made to the highest quality. 

Our Solid 925 Sterling Silver FAITH ring is a symbol - a continuous reminder of the love provided and reciprocated by the wearer... surrounded by those that support one another; wrapped in love far greater than our comprehension.

It is the representative of our faith in Jesus, gifted from generation to generation as a symbol of love, of protection, of FAITH. Cherish your faith, allow the warm tendrils to wrap you in a comforting cocoon. Seek joy in His plan and reward your strife, not with questions buy with praise.

  • Gift this open size/ adjustable ring to your loved ones as an extension of your unconditional love!


A portion of all sales go to Christian organizations around the world including Compassion International and HOPE International, through The Faith Project.